RIsk Assessment - ​​​Protecting people and physical property from harmful threats is a responsibility no individual, group, organization, or business can afford to ignore.  These threats can range from criminal mischief to active shooter threats.  An on-going robust program of risk assessment and social analysis is necessary to prevent and minimize potential threats to people and property.

Physical security

measures range from

landscaping, controlled access systems to surveillance systems which aid in minimizing and or preventing damage and unauthorized entry of premises.  Residential security evaluations share some of the protocols used in commercial settings. 

I utilize my experience and training to assess preparedness, security strengths and weaknesses, and social media awareness whether it's defending yourself, your residential home, or commercial facility.

I develop individualized training programs to improve security procedures designed to minimize dangerous threats to individuals, company personnel and damage to physical property.


​There are a numerous Homeland Security-FEMA training courses appropriate for individuals, business and government entities.  I incorporate FEMA training, strategies, and law enforcement tactics into specialized training classes. These classes and principles are designed to meet current and future needs of every entity.   

Training Courses Currently Available

- Workplace violence Awareness​          
​- Active Shooter​
​- Basic Security Awareness
​- Retail Security Awareness

​- Basic Self Defense

​- Defensive Weapons​​

​​- Weapon Concealment

​- Residential Security Awareness

​​More Training classes are being added.  Check back for updates.


​Hiring Process & Costs

Please feel free to contact me at the Gator Agency at (239) 470-0298 or email me; jbierdeman@gatoragency.comThe consultation is FREE.  I am more than happy to discuss your needs over the phone or in person.

All services are conducted by executing an employment agreement before I can begin providing services.  My rates are very competitive and I offer discounts.

​Training and Performance Evaluations ​requires properly identifying the necessary skills, knowledge and abilities necessary to perform a particular job is crucial to hiring and identifying successful employees for positons within an organization.  Getting the right person for the right job is the goal. Minimize employee turnover by hiring and assigning the best person for the job by properly identifying the right employee the first time.

​I can design an accurate performance appraisal system which affords accurate evaluation of employee performance along with remedial training goals and objectives.

I utilize a job task

analysis, performance

goals and objectives, and a behavioral based performance evaluation method to evaluate employees performance.  These tools facilitate employers in:

  1. Identifying the traits for a successful employee
  2. Designing an accurate evaluation method of employee performance for specified positions
  3. Identifying remedial training to correct deficiencies
  4. Set defined training periods, extensions, and releases.
Cameras & Surveillance Systems

​Criminal and Civil Investigations require experience. ​​​Florida law allows me to conduct the following investigations including the re-investigation of cold cases: 

-Determining the identity, habits, conduct, movements, whereabouts, affiliations, associations, transactions, reputation or character of any society, person, or group of persons
-The credibility of witnesses or other persons
-The whereabouts of missing persons, owners of abandoned or escheated property, or heirs to estates
-The location or recovery of lost or stolen property
-The causes or origin of fires, libels, slanders, losses, accidents, damage, or injuries to real or personal property
-Securing evidence to be used before investigating committees or boards of award or arbitration or trial of civil or criminal cases

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​​Personnel Training & Evaluation

​​Lee County Sheriff's Office


​Surveillance Systems

​I offer a variety of mobile and fixed video surveillance systems and  infrared night vision cameras to protect your property and document activity.

Cameras: Visible & Concealed

​I offer a variety of visible and concealed cameras for sale

and rent.

​Custom Made Protection Devices

I can design and fabricate protection devices which secure entry doors allowing individuals to securely barricade themselves in safe rooms.

​Commercial Services

​​​Gator Agency

​​​​Florida Department Law Enforcement 

Security ​Consulting &
Protection Devices
Civil & Criminal Investigations

Investigations    Security Consulting   Training

I offer a variety of Investigative services specific to commercial businesses:

- Undercover employee operations

- Loss prevention mitigation

- Internal theft

- Site security assessment

- Security training

- Secret shopper

- Employee performance Evaluations - Workplace violence Awareness​           Training

​- Active shooter training

​- Basic Security awareness training

​- Retail security awareness training

- Video security surveillance system    assessment & sales